Farmhouse (Cline Cellars)

ORIGIN: US: California (Sonoma)

PRODUCT: Farmhouse Red Blend

Farmhouse Wines

A red and white blend committed to sustainability, quality, and affordability.

Farmhouse Red

Bright but full-bodied, Farmhouse Red combines jammy boysenberry with mild pepper flavors.

Two distinct vineyards combine in this vintage of Farmhouse. The Oakley vineyards run along the shores of the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers. The vines root deep in the sand-soil and produce intense fruit. The Sonoma Coast vineyards experience foggy mornings and sunny afternoons bringing out the bright fruit flavors and deep color.

Farmhouse White

A crisp, bright white wine with notes of grapefruit, lime, and peach.

Thirty years ago, Fred and Nancy Cline established their first vineyard in Oakley, California. This unique region runs along the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers, where warm days are cooled by the winds off the water. The vines root deep in the sand-soil and produce robust, intense fruit.


Farmhouse White Blend

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