Romeo del Castello


PRODUCT: Romeo del Castello Vigo Rosso

Proprietors Rosanna Romeo and her daughter Chiara Vigo are taking the historic Fattorie Romeo del Castello to a higher level.

The estate of 14 hectares is surrounded by a lava flow from an eruption in 1981 that threatened to take away the entire 30 hectares of the domaine. Luckily, their 100 year old vineyard of Nerello Mascalese was spared. They have also planted some new vines of Mascalese from massale selection. Now the vineyards are spread over 14 hectares by the Alcantara river at 700 meters on Mt. Etna. They also have a thousand year olive tree and some hundred year oak trees; how great is the soil there?? All of the vines are in albarello (goblet) training, the traditional cultivation method of the region. They are helped in the vineyards by Salvo Foti's I Vigneri team of vineyard workers and Salvo has been helping them with natural winemaking. The grapes are hand-harvested, fermented in open wood vats without yeasts or enzymes and temperature controlled. Sulfur is used sparingly, if at all.The wines are aged in older oak casks for about 14 months then bottled without fining or filtration. The Vigo shows all the remarkable characteristics and potential of this perfect match of terroir (pure volcanic ash and lava flow) and a delicious grape variety only found in this corner of the world.


Romeo del Castello Rosato Vigarosa
Romeo del Castello Rosso Allegrecor

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