ORIGIN: US: California


PRODUCT: Boen Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

"Boen is a translation of 'the farm' in Norwegian and I chose it as a reminder to myself that the wine I make is indivisible from the land it comes from and that first and foremost, I am a farmer." - Joseph Wagner, Winemaker

The Russian River Valley is recognized as one of the world's most ideal regions for growing Pinot Noir. Just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean, the Russian River Valley benefits from natural air conditioning in the form of cool and often foggy air that arrives in the evening, then retreats the following morning. The result is a longer growing season which allows Pinot Noir to develop full flavors while retaining its natural acidity. The unique soils of the region also contribute exponentially to the quality of the wine grapes grown in them. Over millions of years water flowing off the mountains has carried with it eroded volcanic deposits and ancient, uplifted bedrock, while the Russian River has deposited large amounts of alluvial material to form prime benchlands.

Boen Pinot Noir is a deep, dark ruby-red color with aromas of bright Bing cherry, dark chocolate, coconut, black licorice and hints of toast, smoked meat, blueberry and barrel spice. Flavors of cola, vanilla cream soda, chocolate, and black licorice carry through the palate followed by dried strawberry with hints of cranberry and prune. Boen offers a fresh bright acidity while maintaining some earthiness with very fine and persistent tannins.




Boen Santa Lucia Pinot Noir
Boen Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir
Boen Chardonnay Tri-Appellation
Boen Pinot Noir Tri-Appellation

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