ORIGIN: Gorizia, Italy


PRODUCT: Radikon Jakot

Few grapes per vine handpicked only in the perfect maturation point. This is the essence of quality, the information locked in the skin and then finally released by macerations. Wait and wait again. To reach the balance and the stability, for a wine, it takes time, it takes years of aging in the barrels and fining in bottles. Open the sensations’ doors, Listen to the smell of the vineyard, Notes the warmth of the hands, Breathes the shine of the berries, Taste the grape’s melody, Take the taste of quality.

WEBSITE: http://www.radikon.it/en/

Radikon Merlot
Radikon Oslavje
Radikon Pinot Grigio
Radikon Ribolla Gialla
Radikon Slatnik

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