ORIGIN: Italy: Sardegna


PRODUCT: Olianas Vermentino

As the new millennium dawned, three legendary vintners met in Gergei, the heart of Sardegna, to create a new era of Italian winemaking. Stefano Casadei, Artemio Olianas, and Simone Mugnaini brought to this vision a deep respect for the land, the people, and the history of the land that would produce their wines. This philosophy has created a new approach to agriculture, requiring environmental protection through organic growing methods, and bio-integration: considering the land’s history, extensive research to optimize the soil’s ecosystem, and endless hours devoted to improving the vines. These efforts ensure the greatness of their wines, and the knowledge that their children will inherit a land as beautiful and fruitful as it is today.

Olianas is in the very heart of Sardegna, a wonderous landscape of green oak forests, wheat fields, and endless acres of rolling vineyards. Agriculture is an ancient enterprise on Sardegna, and they uphold that proud heritage by banning the use of herbicides, chemical fertilizers and synthetic products. Their soil types include mari and sandstone, a combination of clay and sand that can be traced to the Miocene period. This provides good ventilation during the heat of summer and produces stunning, expressive flavor profiles.

The Olianas property extends over 20 hectares, 16 of which are vineyards.  The other 4 hectars are dedicated to the cultivation of fruit trees and fodder production, to diversify the land and feed and sustain their two wonderful cart horses, Vegas and Dinette,  who arrived with the Company in May 2014. The use of cart horses is an ancient method that improves the vitality of the soil and allow the vines to root in the deeper layers of the soil, ensuring the longevity of their plants.


WEBSITE: http://www.olianaswines.com

Olianas Cannonau
Olianas Perdixi

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