Dusted Valley

ORIGIN: US: Washington

TYPE/VARIETAL: Cabernet Sauvignon

PRODUCT: Dusted Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Dusted Valley was founded on the notion that when family pulls together, the American Dream can turn into a living reality. So, in 2003 the Braunel and Johnson families moved to Walla Walla and became the 52nd winery to "hang the shingle" and call the Walla Walla Valley home. 

When Dusted Valley was created, the Johnsons and Braunels set out on an adventure - leaving behind their comfortable jobs to do something a little unconventional. And they haven’t looked back since. This year Dusted Valley proudly celebrates their 11th anniversary of growing and crafting spectacular Washington State wine under the Dusted Valley and Boomtown by Dusted Valley labels. With strong roots in agriculture, brothers-in-law Chad Johnson and Corey Braunel focus their wine growing philosophies in the vineyard with sustainable practices, low (or modest) yields and minimalistic winemaking. The resulting wines offer a sense of place and showcase their estate vineyards in the Walla Walla Valley and other premier vineyards throughout the state.

Corey Braunel, winegrower and owner, represents the fourth generation of his family in agriculture, growing up on a ginseng farm in Northern Wisconsin. Chad Johnson, winegrower and owner, gained an appreciation and then a passion for the wonders of food and wine while working in the hospitality industry in Wisconsin. Janet Johnson and her sister, Cindy Braunel, grew up on their parent’s 250-acre dairy farm in northern Wisconsin. Janet, married to Chad, manages National Sales for the winery. Cindy, married to Corey, handles the administration and wine club details.

As we say in the Dusted Valley, “Experience the click of quality and crack that cap! The first two glasses are for your health, the second two for ours!"

WEBSITE: http://dustedvalley.com/

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