ORIGIN: US: California


PRODUCT: Emmolo Merlot

Brought to you by the well reputed Wagner Family of Wines, family member and winemaker, Jenny Wagner, has this to say about  the Emmolo wines:

Emmolo carries on a family tradition dating back to 1923, when my great-grandfather Salvatore Emmolo immigrated from Italy to Rutherford. Buying property that remains in the family to this day, he built a winery and started a grapevine rootstock nursery. Managed for many years by my grandfather Frank Emmolo, the nursery became the leading supplier to Napa Valley vintners. In 1994, my mother, Cheryl, launched Emmolo wines, eager to continue the family name. Today I’m proud to be doing just that, with my second release of Emmolo Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot. Our grapes are still grown on family property, and my grandparents, Frank and Annie, still live in Rutherford – where they sit on their porch keeping an eye on the vines.

WEBSITE: http://www.emmolowines.com/

Emmolo Sauvignon Blanc

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