Schloss Johannisberg

ORIGIN: Germany (Rheingau)


PRODUCT: Schloss Johanissberg Riesling Spatlese Grunlack

Johannisberger Rieslings are born in the vineyard – literally, where they have their roots. The soil, with its geological, geographical and climatic features, is integral to the unique origin and ultimate taste profile of a wine. Quality is born during the growth of the grapes, which at Johannisberg is supported by organized vineyard management geared to local conditions. Grape quality is determined in the vineyard, not during vinification. The quality of the crop after the harvest is decisive for the quality of the finished wine.

Wine culture at Schloss Johannisberg has outlived the many storms of the past. Riesling is truly at home here. The estate is well aware that the historical past brings with it a responsibility in the future – with every new vintage, Johannisberg strives to carry on this unique Riesling culture.




Schloss Johannisberg Riesling Gelblack Qba
Schloss Johannisberg Riesling Silberlack Großes Gewächs

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