Llopart Cava



PRODUCT: Llopart Brut Reserva

At Llopart Cava they use exclusive craft elaboration methods in accordance with the strict traditional system of "champenoise."  As staunch supporters of the traditional quality methods inherited from their ancestors, they have only incorporated in the viticulturist art the knowledge and tecnology which can make remarkable quality improvements.

On the orignal label of Llopart Cava there was an artisitc lithograph, printed following the lithography stone technique, which represents a panoramic view of the country estate showing the country house, the vineyards and the surroundings.  This historic and original illustration is still the distinguishing mark that certifies the singular origin of every single Llopart Cava botttle.

WEBSITE: http://www.llopart.com/en

Llopart Rose Brut
Llopart Gran Reserva Brut

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