Sierra Cantabria


TYPE/VARIETAL: Tempranillo

PRODUCT: Sierra Cantabria Reserva

The essence of the family, where its viticultural principles are rooted. Founded by D. Guillermo Eguren in 1957, the Sierra Cantabria winery is located in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, Rioja town with a great winemaking tradition that is located in a unique place between the Ebro River and the Sierra de Cantabria. 

Sierra Cantabria is the mother winery that reflects the family's leap from its activity of wine growers to processors thanks to the business vision of Guillermo Eguren who, without losing his roots as a farmer, wanted to transmit the virtues of unique soils in a wine collection.

The winery takes its name from this 1,200-meter-high geographical feature, which protects our vineyards from the cold winds of the North and creates a unique Mediterranean-Continental microclimate, with not very cold winters and mild summers, with the consequent distinctive feature of our DOCa wines.


Sierra Cantabria Gran Reserva
Sierra Cantabria Crianza Unfiltered

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