Ramirez De La Piscina



PRODUCT: Ramirez De La Piscina Crianza

Bunches are carefully sorted on the selection table, and then destemmed and transferred to a tank for skin-contact maceration. After several days, tumultuous fermentation starts in the liquid found underneath the cap of skins floating on the surface. Automatic pumping-over and punching-down allow the tannins and colour to be extracted from the grape skins. The entire fermentation is temperature-controlled in order to favour the survival of the yeasts until the end of the process. When fermentation finishes, the wine is run off by gravity.

This method of destemming ensures a greater concentration of polyphenols and colour, which will be absolutely vital for the wine’s ageing in barrel.

WEBSITE: http://www.ramirezdelapiscina.com/en/

Ramirez De La Piscina Gran Reserva
Ramirez De La Piscina Reserva
Ramirez De La Piscina Blanco

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