Red Cat

ORIGIN: US: New York

PRODUCT: Red Cat Red Wine

There are a lot of urban legends circulating about Red Cat, and on behalf of everyone at Hazlitt Vineyards, we’d like to take this opportunity to set the record straight.

They’re all true.

Well, mostly.

See, when the Red Cat comes out to play, things get interesting. There are more smiles and laughs (lots more laughs), more crazy toasts and more of the kinds of things that become part of the stories you’ll never tell your grandkids.

There are also more off-key karaoke performances, but you can’t blame that on us.

One urban legend we can confirm has to do with the history of Red Cat. Before he founded the vineyard, Jerry Hazlitt used to make wine at home for family and friends using the New York-native Red Catawba grapes. Jerry’s sons, renowned for their gracious hospitality, “borrowed” some of Dad’s grape juice and hosted a waterfront bash, complete with a bonfire and homemade hot tub. Historians note that as more Red Cat was consumed, less apparel was worn in the hot tub. This is how HHJ—the original hot tub wine—was born.

Start your own Red Cat Legend. It's perfect by the bottle, by the case, or by the hot tub. Why is Red Cat the best original sweet red wine? It’s high quality, locally grown, and of course it tastes delcious!

Unscrew it. It’s time to have some fun. 


White Cat
Red Cat Dark

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