Chateau D'Auvernier

ORIGIN: Switzerland


PRODUCT: Chateau D'Auvernier Neuchatel

Few companies, in Switzerland or elsewhere, can boast D'Auvernier's 400 years of family history. Keeping the estate in the family has always been a priority. Today, owner Thierry Grosjean, is reorganizing the estate and introducing integrated culture, a respectful approach to the environment which makes it possible to decrease the spreading of chemicals and spare the soil. In 1999, a barrel storeroom was built with 220-litre barrels for certain wine specialties matured "in the cask."

The Chasselas Fendant Roux is of Oriental origin and was brought back to Switzerland by the Crusaders. The grapes are harvested by hand. After being carefully cleaned, yeast is added to the must, then it is fermented at a carefully regulated temperature of about 18°C. The maturing of this wine on fine lees at a low temperature enables us to preserve its slightly sparkling character on the tongue.


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