ORIGIN: US: California


PRODUCT: Trefethen Merlot

Because Merlot flourishes in relatively cool growing regions with moist soils, it's extremely well-suited to the ancient alluvial loams, temperate climate, and long growing season of Trefethen's estate vineyard in the Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley, a sweet spot between Napa's warmer up-valley regions and its cool southern tip.

Trefethen's Merlot bounds from the glass with a potpourri of ripe black cherry, plum compote, smoked meat, dried tomato, black olive, black tea and sweet vanilla aromas that preface a lush, round, lengthy palate of concentrated dark cherry, plum, cassis and pie spice flavors.

Rich and complex, this is a Merlot to ponder and savor.


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