ORIGIN: US: California

TYPE/VARIETAL: Zinfandel Blend


The word "saldo" has various meanings throughout the romance languages of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. In Spanish, it mainly refers to "balance on hand," and sometimes it can also be interpreted "from here and there." This ruby red Zinfandel blend represents the very best lots of grapes from vineyards all across Northern California. Bold in its dark berry aroma and laced with hints of cardamom and fall spices, its finish has persistent notes of chocolate and rich coffee bean.

Saldo sources grapes from California's finest and most renowned Zinfandel regions, including historic vineyards in Sonoma, Napa, Lake Amador, Mendocino, and Contra Costa counties. Some of their carefully selected vineyards include Mattern, Aparicio, Pato, Teldeschi, Grist, Dorn, and Taylor.

Saldo is the prototypical Zinfandal, produced from a blend of some of the most renowned Zinfandel regions. Their select growers include historic vineyards in Napa, Sonoma, Lake Amador, Mendocino, and Contra Costa counties.

Saldo is part of The Prisoner Wine Company family.



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