TYPE/VARIETAL: Carmenere, Cabernet, Merlot

PRODUCT: Primus "The Blend"

Primus is one of Chile's top red meritage style wines, a blend of power and finesse that merges Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Carmenère, the lost Bordeaux grape.

Carmenère, a grape that was part of the best wines of Bordeaux until the 1800s, was transported to Chile where it thrives, contributing exotic spice and a rich, sensuous texture to blends.

Proprietor Agustin Huneeus is known for creating some of the world's best Bordeaux-style blends including Quintessa and Franciscan Magnificat. Primus employs winemaking techniques identical to Napa Valley's top Cabernet and blends: Yields are managed to 3-4 tons per acre, all of the grapes go through a meticulous double sorting process, and the wine is aged in 25% new French and American oak for 12-18 months. But Chile's economic advantage delivers world-class quality at less than half the price of similar blends from the new world. Its unique profile of rich, dense fruit, exotic spice and a long textured finish delivers big wine quality and satisfaction.


Primus Cabernet Sauvignon
Primus Carmenere
Primus Malbec

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