Kosta Browne

ORIGIN: Sonoma County

PRODUCT: Kosta Browne Gap's Crown Pinot Noir

California Pinot Noir endures in the fine wine world and Kosta Browne is delighted to be a continued part of that conversation. As Kosta Browne mature as a winery they grow in different ways. Kosta Browne constructs a custom winery tailored to how they make wine. Kosta Browne work with new financial partners who share their vision for quality. Kosta Browne invests in their first vineyard and begin to grow their own fruit. Kosta Browne are awarded the coveted ‘wine of the year’ – the only Pinot Noir to do so to date. Their focus, however, remains the same as before: making the best Pinot Noir they can.

WEBSITE: https://www.kostabrowne.com/

Kosta Browne Keefer Ranch Pinot Noir
Kosta Browne Chardonnay One Sixteen
Kosta Browne Russian River Valley Pinot Noir
Kosta Browne Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir
Kosta Browne Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

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