La Playa


TYPE/VARIETAL: Sauvignon Blanc

PRODUCT: La Playa Sauvignon Blanc

La Playa's Estate wines are fruit-driven, with an emphasis on showcasing genuine varietal character (the true taste of the grape). The white wines are lively and refreshing. The red wines reveal their characteristic "grape" aromas and flavors, enhancing the enjoyment of good food. Little oak is used for the red wines, and none for the whites. All the wines are fermented cool, to enhance vibrancy and freshness.

The white wines are crafted in the cool-climate style that emphasizes acidity and citrus flavors rather than tropical fruit, and they are bottled after the fermentation is complete. The red grapes are handled gently to preserve the fruit's integrity. Tannins develop early in the red wines, and they are bottled before the next vintage (10 months).

La Playa's Reserve wines accentuate the varietal distinctiveness of Viña la Playa's grapes, and a genuine expression of their terroir. Reserve vines are cultivated within the best blocks in our vineyards - planted exclusively for the Reserve collection - and at each harvest, grape clusters are hand-sorted for superior fruit.

The Reserve white wines are fermented in French and American oak, and both reds and whites are aged in small oak barrels. The Chardonnay is typically aged for 8 to 10 months, while the red wines are aged for 14 to 18 months.


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