TYPE/VARIETAL: 70% Garnacha Tintorera, 30% Monastrell

PRODUCT: Atalaya Laya

Atalaya winery is a project of Gil Family Estates with the participation of the López Family, from Pilar de la Horada, in the PDO Almansa, placed in the east of Albacete region, between Alicante and Murcia, in the transit zone between the central Spanish plateau and the Mediterranean Sea. The vintage age of 2007 was the first one of the Atalaya Winery and, since that moment, they have been improving the facilities of the winery and researching about the Garnacha Tintorera and Monastrell grape varieties, to shape the current range of wines reflecting the character and personality of the land in which the most emblematic varieties of the place are grown. In that sense, Atalaya Winery keeps the importance that the group Gil Family Estates wants to reflect in their range of wine varieties, and shows the most genuine essence of its vineyards.


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