McConnell’s Irish Whisky

ORIGIN: Ireland


PRODUCT: McConnell’s Irish Whisky

Oldest Whisky Brand in Northern Ireland

In 1776, James and John McConnell opened their Belfast distillery where they crafted the first recorded Irish Whisky brand to exist there. McConnell’s Whisky was a popular export to the US, until Prohibition severely impacted sales, and the distillery was closed. Today, the legendary McConnell’s brand has been revived. A robust, silky smooth whisky, soon to be made in a new distillery at an infamous location - the old Crumlin Road jail in Belfast.

Two legends, Reincarnated

Aged 5 years, a fine blend of Irish Malt and Irish Grain Whisky is gently rested in select Bourbon casks bringing out beautiful overtones of vanilla sweetness with the quality of the Irish in the background.

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