The Street Pumas

PRODUCT: The Street Pumas Vodka


Approachable and classic style, this gin is based on a neutral grain spirits born in Piedmont, Italy. The fresh spirit is sent to Belgium, where it’s married with botanicals: juniper berries, coriander, angelica, lemon peel, sweet & bitter orange peels - personally selected by Equipo Navazos and re-distilled to their specifications. The full proof gin then travels to Jerez, where it’s brought to 40% ABV for bottling.


Distilled in Scotland, with a mashbill of 60% Grain and 40% Malt, this Blended Scotch Whisky is aged for 3 Years. After resting in barrel, it’s imported to Jerez at cask strength and brought to proof for bottling. This selection is released with no additives; no caramel, no artificial flavors, sugars, or colors.


A dynamic white rum distilled from molasses in Panama at a site that shares lineage with the iconic distilleries of Nicaragua. This bright, floral, molasses-forward Panama rum, is imported to Jerez at full strength, where it is gently reduced to 42% ABV for bottling.


This is a classic potato-based neutral spirit obtained at full strength. The spirit is imported to Jerez, where it’s proofed down to 40% ABV. Distilled in Poland, brought to proof in Jerez, Spain - simply a clean, go-to Potato Vodka.


The Street Pumas Gin
The Street Pumas Rum
The Street Pumas Scotch

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