ORIGIN: US: Montana


PRODUCT: Gorgeous Vodka

Created in the Montana countryside by Timeless Spirits, Gorgeous Vodka is an Ultra-Premium 100% Gluten Free potato vodka.

Distilling potato vodka is truly an art. It is more expensive to create than other vodkas. The distilling process also takes longer, which is why less than 2% of all vodkas in the world are distilled from potatoes. Based in Dillon, Montana Timeless Spirits has artfully created the Spirit of Montana in Gorgeous Vodka.


Production Technique:

An Ultra-Premium potato Vodka, Gorgeous Vodka is 100% Gluten Free. Gorgeous Vodka is created with genuine Idaho russet potatoes that are mashed to break down starches to turn them to natural sugar. The mash is then skillfully blended with mineral rich spring water. Distilled 20 times and filtered 6 times through charcoal with a granite finish to create this ultra clean, smooth top shelf rectified spirit.


Tasting Notes:

Crystal clear and glistening to the eye, delivering hints of watercress and spice with hints of black licorice on the nose. The frontal response on the palate is crisp, balanced with a smooth round finish appreciated neat or in a Gorgeous Martini. Gorgeous Vodka should be enjoyed in any spirit based cocktail, delivering consistency on the palate and a warm lingering finish akin to a “blue sky sunset.”

WEBSITE: http://www.blackhawkimports.com/gorgeous-vodka-2/

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