Taiga Shtof

ORIGIN: Siberia


PRODUCT: Taiga Shtof Vodka

The name TAIGA SHTOF refers to the region the vodka originates from and the traditional bottle that Russian used to drink their vodka from: THE SHTOF.

The shtof bottle bears a wealth of history and heritage as it has been the traditional way to serve vodka since its conception.

It was a carefully measured unit at exactly one tenth of a vodka bucket or 1.23 L.

TAIGA SHTOF is made from ingredients deep within the Siberian landscape of steep valleys and snow Laden Forests.

  • 100 % alpha spirit
  • Best terroir for resilient wheat and winter Rye
  • Crystalline pristine waters sources around the region.
  • A simple distilling process-column filtered through an activated charcoal and platinum and finally ice-treated for total purity and a brutally smooth finish

WEBSITE: http://www.taigashtof.com/

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