ORIGIN: New York

TYPE/VARIETAL: American Whiskey

PRODUCT: Tommyrotter Triple Barrel American Whiskey

The Tommyrotters’ Club was a band of rebellious artisans in the early 20th century who broke rank from the Arts and Crafts Movement to create for creation’s sake. They sought adventure, mischief and inspiration in nature. Honoring their industrious spirit of back, hand and heart, Tommyrotter Distillery crafts small batch spirits using American grains. We are located in Buffalo, New York’s historic Hydraulics manufacturing district.

A merry union of three aged whiskeys finished in french oak.

Tommyrotters' tour the nation looking for their favorite whiskeys to mix and finish in wine barrels. Their proprietarry recipe of mash bills and barrel types offers the caramel and vanilla notes of a uniquely American spirit.


Tommyrotter Heritage Cask Bourbon
Tommyrotter American Gin
Tommyrotter Small Batch Vodka
Tommyrotter Cider Cask Finished Tennessee Straight Whiskey

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