ORIGIN: US: New York


PRODUCT: Adirondack Distilling 601 Bourbon

A doctor, lawyer and a political consultant walk into a bar…

Sure, it sounds like the beginning of a joke. In reality, it was actually the beginning of something really special. With a shared love of spirits, specifically vodka, Bruce Elwell, Steve Cox and Jordan Karp began talking about going into business together. With a history of home brewing and even some bootleggers in their family trees, making vodka wasn't just a fantasy, it was good business. But they didn't want to make just any vodka, it had to be one that used local ingredients, was gluten-free, and used a distilling process that minimized it's impact on the environment. In 2010 that shared vision of a local distillery, became the very real Adirondack Distilling Company.

They started in 2011 with the purchase of a historic building for the Adirondack Distilling Company on Varick Street in Utica, New York. Using state-of-the-art equipment, a custom-crafted copper still from Germany, and a proven distilling process, Adirondack Distilling Company became Central New York’s latest gem.

Their mission at Adirondack Distilling Company is to provide you with the highest quality vodka, gin and bourbon, made with locally grown ingredients using an environmentally friendly distilling process. They hand-craft each batch to create a unique experience that really is a taste of the Adirondacks.




Adirondack 601 American Whiskey
Adirondack ADK Vodka
Adirondack ADK Gin

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