Mad River Distillers

ORIGIN: US: Vermont


PRODUCT: Mad River Distillers Bourbon Whiskey

Mad River Distillers is located at Cold Spring Farm in Burlington, Vermont. In 2011, Maura Connolly was contemplating planting a vineyard on the farm. Vermont is an unforgiving climate for grapes and her friends suggested that it would be better to produce something more indigenous like apple brandy.  John Egan is a life-long fan of Calvados, the French apple brandy, and he was intrigued enough to start researching apple brandy production.  Brett Little, who shared John’s appreciation for Calvados, was immediately on board and the idea of starting a distillery at Cold Spring Farm was born.

Cold Spring Farm dates from the mid-1800s and was converted into a horse farm in the mid-1900’s. Alex Hilton, a Warren native, renovated the dilapidated old horse barn into a state-of- the-art craft distillery. Along the way, he became interested enough in the project to sign on as the General Manager of Mad River Distillers.  After finishing the renovations, obtaining their permits and firing up their still, they produced their first spirit- Mad River Rum- in May 2013.  They have produced over a half dozen different craft spirits since then.

Bourbon has become “The American Spirit” in a way that cognac represents France, gin represents England and vodka represents Russia in the hearts of their consumers. In May of 2014, Mad River Distillers began offering their own special Vermont take on the liquid gold so associated with Appalachia. They use only locally-sourced, non-GMO corn and mature their bourbons on site in the clear, clean air of Vermont. Their bourbon has a wonderful deep and rich aroma of Vermont-grown corn, smokiness on the palate, and a smooth aromatic finish.


Mad River Distillers Revolution Rye Whiskey - The “traditional” American spirit using local and regional rye.
Mad River Distillers First Run Rum - Aged rum made with raw cane sugar.
Mad River Distillers Maple Cask Rum - A double gold-winning rum finished in spirit-conditioned maple barrels.
Mad River Distillers Limited Edition Vanilla Rum - All natural rum infused with Tahitian vanilla beans.
Mad River Distillers Limited Edition PX Rum - After careful aging in a mixture of toasted and charred barrels, the rum is finished in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks.
Mad River Distillers - Burnt Rock Bourbon

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