Taconic Distillery

ORIGIN: US: New York


PRODUCT: Taconic Distillery Founder's Rye Whiskey

When Lewis & Clark set out on their expedition in 1804, they knew a thing or two about how to read the land, the water and the skies along the way. Their survival, although never guaranteed, was backed by pure brawn and bravery. Well-honed skills of hunting and fishing, passed down through generations, provided the sustenance to persevere. Loyalty provided the drive to succeed.

Today, Taconic Distillery honors that genuine American spirit by toasting their Dutchess Private Reserve high to the sky, and with every drop, they say thank you to those who forged the way through uncharted rivers, vast prairies and seemingly impassable mountains. It is thanks to them that we lead the life we all lead today: one that freely celebrates our country’s history, its ancestors and the wilderness they discovered on behalf of an entire nation.

The founders, avid outdoorsmen, Dutchess County residents, and bourbon afficianados, saw an opportunity to marry their interests in the establishment of Taconic Distillery. Tapping into the farm-to-table and farm-to-bottle movement, Taconic Distillery’s Dutchess Private Reserve Straight Bourbon is cut with natural spring water from their own Rolling Hills Farm in the beautiful Hudson Valley.

WEBSITE: http://www.taconicdistillery.com/

Taconic Distillery Barrel Strength Bourbon Whiskey (Limited Edition)
Taconic Distillery Dutchess Private Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Taconic Distillery Maple Bourbon Whiskey
Taconic Distillery Cask Strength Rye Whiskey
Taconic Distillery Rolling Hills Rum

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