ORIGIN: France



The Frapin family has been established in the South West of France since 1270, initially as a family of wine growers. They then became distillers and have continued in this tradition for 20 generations. The Grande Champagne region, Premier Cru de Cognac, was where the family chose to settle. They established their headquarters in the Fontpoint Castle at Segonzac.

Thanks to the know-how of the Masters Distillers, Gilles Lardant and Alex Cosson, this 'vin de Charente' will transform itself into an exceptional cognac via the principle of double distillation. This takes place in 6 'Charentais' red copper stills; firstly, the wine is put in a boiler with a capacity of 2,500 liters, the alcohol turns to vapor in the upper part, passes through the gooseneck flash, to condense in the coil. It then passes through cold water in the cooler. This distillation produces an unclear "rough" alcohol. This rough alcohol is redistilled giving the "bonne chauffe". A product with double distillation, cognac is the very soul of wine. The Master Distiller knows how to concentrate all the flavorful finesse in this eau-de-vie.


Frapin First Cognac VS

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