ORIGIN: London, England


PRODUCT: Tyler's City of London Dry Gin

Quality “London Dry” gin is difficult to make. Perfecting the skills of a Master Distiller, overseeing the complex process from the selection of quality botanicals, through the 24-hour steeping process, followed by the distillation of the flavor concentrate itself, takes years to master. Any small error during a “London Dry” distillation process, one way or another, can produce a one dimensional gin……the presence of a Master Distiller is essential.
In City of London gin, they have captured the true spirit of the “London Dry" gin style: Complex, balanced, and elegant.  So much so, they named it after their internationally-renowned city.
  • Handcrafted in small batches in a pot still, at Thames Distillers in the heart of London, the spiritual home of gin.
  • An award winning gin - 2012 Spirits Masters, Gold Medal.
  • Made by a master distiller, from a unique family recipe.
  • A beautifully balanced blend of 9 classic botanicals: including Juniper, citrus peel (Seville oranges and lemons), coriander, angelica, orris, cinnamon, and cassia.

“Intense Juniper and zesty citrus aromas accompanied by a subtle spice and earthy hints on the palate, with a smooth, refreshing, firm dry finish.”


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