ORIGIN: France

TYPE/VARIETAL: Fruit Liqueur

PRODUCT: Vedrenne Supercassis (Blackcurrant) Liqueur

Vedrenne has been making liqueurs since 1923 in Nuits-Saint-Georges, in the heart of Burgundy in the middle of the burgundian orchards. The company initially won recognition with the outstanding quality of its Crème de Cassis & fruit liqueurs. Today its expertise, associated with modern processing techniques, is revealed in the excellence of Vedrenne Products.

Every year Vedrenne liqueurs receive numerous medals for their exceptional quality in prestigious international blind-tasting competitions. Their famous Supercassis and fruit liqueurs have collected the highest number of awards for blackcurrant liqueur anywhere in the world.

Colour : pure blackcurrant colour, dense and shiny.

Scent: intense fruity aroma, the inimitable aromatic bouquet of Burgundy Black.

Flavour: intense and aromatic taste, potent and elegant, fruity and wonderfully lingering.


Vedrenne Crème de Framboise (Raspberry) Liqueur
Vedrenne Crème de Mure (Blackberry) Liqueur
Vedrenne Crème de Pamplemousse (Grapefruit) Liqueur

Vedrenne Marc de Hospices

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