Big Gin

ORIGIN: US: Washington


PRODUCT: Captive Spirits Big Gin

BIG GIN -- “Created when methods, ingredients, techniques, proofs & timing all came together to form a damn tasty gin.”

Big Gin came to fruition during copious test batches -- different botanics, techniques & equipment were tirelessly exploited. After time, they concluded test batch #27 was the old-world, English dry they had been searching for.  With a burnt orange & juniper nose, finishing with a savory spice, Big Gin is versatile without losing ginner appeal. Big Gin is batch distilled in a 100-gallon Vendome pot still in a traditional manner.  The quality of materials, skill of distiller, and articulate attention to detail are what creates an exceptional product.  Try it and see!


Captive Spirits Bourbon Barreled Big Gin

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