ORIGIN: France


PRODUCT: Cazottes Poire Williams Eau-de-Vie

Laurent Cazottes is the proprietor of an interesting and unique enterprise centered around a distillery.  The resultant spirits (eaux-de-vie) and liqueurs are produced from organically grown fruit supplied by locals either for their own consumption, or bottled by the Cazottes family for retail sale and distribution. The result is a variety of brilliant eaux-de-vie such as apple, pear, plum and also a few rare and wonderful liqueurs.

Whether it's grapes, greengage plums, quinces or pears, each fruit is pampered by hand, which is a painstaking and precise effort.  Mr. Cazottes retains only the “noble” parts of the fruit - the skin and flesh; the stalks, calyxes, pips, stones or scabs are taken out manually to keep the pure flavor and aroma of the fruit or flower intact. Furthermore, in the distillery, all the fruit and flowers he uses are processed manually by a handful of workers - each plum is hand de-stoned, each pear is hand de-stemmed.

Laurent Cazottes is a true adventurer of natural taste.


Cazottes Cedrat
Cazottes Greengage Plum
Cazottes Wild Quince
Cazottes Wild Sour Cherry

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