ORIGIN: France


PRODUCT: Maurin Quina

Three brand new vermouths have been brought to the United States, but these are not “new” – dating back to 1884. The name for these new/old products is Maurin.

The traditional vermouth recipes of the Maurin Distillery have been revived for a new line of Maurin Vermouth. These recipies, dating back to the late 1800’s and the start of the Maurin brand, are complex formulas that incorporate a blend of wines from various regions, and infusions of provincial spices and flavors such as coriander, cinnamon, gentian, cloves, nutmeg, dry oranges, caramel, absinthe, green cardamom and lemon.

The region of France where this luxurious Vermouth hails from is rich in volcanic soil, from the very center of France. The village is named Le Pu yen Velay for those with an atlas.

Maurin Vermouth Dry
Maurin Vermouth Red
Maurin Vermouth White

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