Revel Stoke

ORIGIN: Canada


PRODUCT: Revel Stoke Spiced Whisky

The world's first spiced whisky.  Minneapolis-based Phillips Distilling Company first introduced Revel Stoke in 2000 and named it after a famous Canadian skiing mountain.  Revel Stoke is a Canadian whisky spiced with cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, ginger & vanilla, blended together at the Revel Stoke Distillery in High River, Alberta.  Its vanilla flavors & cinnamon spices make it a very unique whisky to play with.  It is frequently used in "Stoke & Coke," which has a nice ring to it, or consumed simply on the rocks.


Revel Stoke Canadian Whisky
Revel Stoke Roasted Pecan Whisky
Revel Stoke Roasted Apple Whisky
Revel Stoke Root Beer Whisky
Revel Stoke Peanut Butter Whisky

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