Distillery No. 209

ORIGIN: US: California


PRODUCT: Distillery No. 209 Gin

The Rudd family came up with the original idea for No. 209 Gin. Their background is in wine and fine food, so meticulous attention to detail and focus on quality is second nature to them. When they embarked upon the exploratory research for this gin endeavor, they assembled a team with sophisticated palates and a passion for excellence, years of alcoholic beverage experience (not simply on the consumption side), and youthful exuberance and drive. From the outset, their goal was to make the finest possible gin with care and intelligence for people who think about what they drink – a gin that reflects the heritage of small batch hand-crafted distilling but is a unique and modern 21st century spirit.

When they were in England researching gin production they asked distilling experts the same question, “If you had no constraints and wanted to make the best gin in the world, how would you go about doing it?” They took those answers and incorporated them into their sourcing and distilling processes. For example, they use single shot distillation in a copper alembic pot still using the finest ingredients available. And each batch of No. 209 is made to the same exact standard. One person, their Ginerator, Arne Hillesland, is responsible for the entire production process. After he hand sorts, shells and grinds the botanicals to select only the finest specimens (there is some natural variation in their strength and flavor), he fine-tunes the recipe so that each batch’s taste is virtually identical. They go to great lengths in order to ensure that customers get precisely the product that they painstakingly (yet lovingly) created. After all, they adjusted the recipe 87 times until the distillation exactly matched the flavor profile and finish that they were seeking.

WEBSITE: http://distillery209.com/

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