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ORIGIN: California


PRODUCT: Shrub & Co Grapefruit Organic Shrub

Great drinks start with great ingredients.  Along with many bartenders and chefs, we’re passionate about bringing shrubs back to your glass. It is simply an amazing way to deliver flavor to cocktails or sodas.

We craft our shrubs from their most basic elements – organic or GMO-free fruit, cane sugar, vinegar and aromatics.  Achieving balance and bright flavor with minimal ingredients is a challenge we embrace, so we don’t use concentrates or artificial ingredients. 


Shrubs are an intriguing blend of fruit, sugar, and vinegar created during the Colonial Era to preserve fruit long after harvest.  Recipes and methods for making shrubs vary, but the result is always a delicious liquid that captures the essence of fresh fruit – to be enjoyed in any season.  Peaches with bourbon in December? Absolutely.


Vinegar provides a distinct tangy bite that balances perfectly with the sweetness of fresh fruit. Vinegar works much like citrus in your drinks – it quenches thirst, cleanses the palate and is very refreshing.



Apple Shrub
Cranberry with Douglas Fir Shrub
Organic Blood Orange Shrub
Organic Strawberry Shrub
Peach Shrub
Spicy Ginger Shrub
Organic Yucatan Honey Shrub

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