HOPHEAD & Junipero Have Arrived

Slocum & Sons is proud to announce the addition of HOPHEAD Vodka and Junipero Gin to our exclusive craft spirits portfolio.

HOPHEAD Vodka is distilled entirely from two types of dried hops.  HOPHEAD is a vodka built on flavor, but is not a “flavored” vodka.  This premium craft vodka captures the fresh, aromatic character of hops without the typical bitterness.

Click here for more info on HOPHEAD Vodka.



Junipero Gin is the original craft gin of San Francisco, made by hand in the classic "distilled dry gin" tradition, utilizing more than a dozen botanicals in their natural state, in a small copper pot still at a little distillery on Potrero Hill in San Francisco.  

Click here for more info on Junipero Gin.

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