The 21 Best New Booze Bottles of 2018

From a sour cherry gin to a LongHorn Steakhouse x Knob Creek collab, these are the liquors you should be drinking.

here were so many excellent bottles released this year in every category of spirits, it’s nearly impossible to narrow them down. What a good problem to have. But if it was interesting, tasted good, and was released in 2018, we considered it. This list is an assessment of what stood out from the pack, whether it was sourced, craft-distilled, re-released, or a silly marketing ploy from a major distillery. Here are the best new bottles in the following liquor categories: bourbon, rye, scotch, world whiskey (everywhere outside of Scotland and America), gin, tequila, and rum. (We didn't do vodka because, well, it’s vodka.)

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