Westford Hill

ORIGIN: US: Connecticut


PRODUCT: Westford Hill Framboise (Raspberry) Eau-de-Vie Fruit Brandy

Imagine walking through a perfect country orchard on a clear, bright summer day. Suddenly, your senses are overwhelmed by the aromatic purity and power of fresh fruit. That is the eau-de-vie experience. Simply defined, it is clear fruit brandy, a distilled spirit made from 100% natural fruit. Pure, yet powerful. Delicate and delectable.

Although Europeans have prized eau-de-vie or "water of life" for generations, the first sip is a completely new experience for most Americans. In the spirit of the artisan distillers, Westford Hill Distillers proudly blends European tradition with American craftsmanship, starting with the highest quality fruit from the abundant orchards of the northeast.

Saveur Magazine calls them, "The best thing to do with fruit in Connecticut." They invite you to explore for yourself.

WEBSITE: http://www.westfordhill.com

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